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The Municipality of Melgaço complied with the discharge licenses of its Wastewater Treatment Plants in 100% of the required parameters, during 2021 and managed to achieve the maximum in the evaluation of this criterion. The results prove the work that the municipality has been doing towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly municipality. Read more:HERE Source: Câmara Municipal de Melgaço

Melgaço invests 660 thousand euros in projects with the aim of ensuring a good pursuit of sectoral policies aimed at nature conservation: habitats and species. The aim is to protect biodiversity by preserving natural habitats, wild fauna and flora, while preserving the culture and traditions of the communities in the Biosphere Reserves. The "Biosphere Educational Plan", concluded this year, is an example. Aimed at young people, its purpose was to promote awareness of the importance of nature conservation, in order to

It was approved about one million euros of European funds (PT2020) to develop projects related to the enhancement of natural and cultural heritage in the municipality of Melgaço. The support allowed sustaining the works of the Laboreiro Trail and the Mouro Trail, as well as the development of a strategy for Tourism and the rehabilitation, conservation and enhancement of the church and its surroundings of the Convent of São Salvador de Paderne. Read more: HERE Source: Alto Minho TV

The Inês Negra Senior Academy aims to be a socio-educational response to the senior age group in the municipality of Melgaço. The Academy's purpose is to create and regularly promote activities in the social, cultural, educational and recreational areas, working in a context of lifelong learning. The courses of Arts, Senior Health, Sociology and Knowledge will be carried out to promote the development of self-esteem, insertion and social participation of the population over 55 years of age. Read more: HERE Source: Rádio Vale

The Business Zone of Alvaredo received European funds to proceed with works in an investment of around 3 million euros, co-financed by FEDER whose main objective is to contribute to the competitiveness of SMEs and provide the municipality of Melgaço with a Business Hosting Area, capable of responding to the existing demand. Read more: HERE Source: Câmara Municipal de Melgaço

Melgaço promotes the presentation session of the Makers Space, created to support the development of technological and creative projects. The event is aimed at producers, entities and the municipality community, in order to present the space and practical cases developed. The Makers Space Melgaço can be used, free of charge, by companies, young people and children, to develop a technological and creative project idea. Read more: HERE Source: Alto Minho TV

Melgaço is once again the most family-friendly municipality in Alto Minho for the third consecutive year. In 2015, 2019 and 2020, the municipality of Melgaço won the same position. In benefit of the social and economic development, Melgaço has been investing in a series of initiatives based on a strategy of sustainable development of the municipality and improvement of the quality of life of its residents. In 2022, the municipality of Melgaço once again continued the Sustainable and Solidary-Based Development Plan. The transversal