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"Castros de leitura - Cogumelos Mágicos" is an action promoted by Melgaço City Hall to make known the different species of mushrooms existing in the region. Guided by a biologist, the initiative aims to raise awareness of the valorisation of Castro Laboreiro's mycological resources as well as to promote the tourism resources, landscapes and cultural heritage of the municipality of Melgaço. Read more: HERE Source: Câmara Municipal de Melgaço

Melgaço will honor citizens and an institution of the county which were noted for their personal merits and civic deeds and all their work for the benefit of the community Melgaço. In the initiative, promoted by the City Council of Melgaço, will be awarded the titles of Citizen of Honour, Citizen of Merit and Meritorious Institution, a total of seven. Read more: HERE Source: Câmara Municipal de Melgaço

Serenity, Involvement and Breathing characterize the event "SER em Melgaço". The initiative aims to engage the community with nature, exploring the different ways of interacting in the natural environment through activities to be held in Portas Lamas de Mouro, in the heart of the National Park of Peneda-Gerês. The event involves activities such as yoga, dance therapy, reiki, live music, artistic interventions, medicinal herbal tasting and sessions on various themes/specialities Read more: HERE Source: Câmara Municipal de Melgaço

The National Republican Guard carried out a cleaning action in Laboreiro river in collaboration with other forces and entities, to improve the environmental conditions in the municipality of Melgaço. The action also aimed to raise awareness among the population and tourist entities for the importance of adopting conducts that allow the mitigation of waste dumping in the environment. Read more: HERE Source: O Minho

Melgaço promotes another edition of "Pegada Zero - Melgaço Minho Tourism Design Experience". Three days of innovative activities and experiences based on endogenous, authentic, and sustainable resources of the region, involving various agents of the region. The initiative aims to highlight the municipality’s potential in nature tourism, involving the agents that operate in the region: animation, catering, accommodation companies, local community, among others; but it also intends to develop awareness-raising actions on nature conservation, with the communities involved, as well as

Melgaço presents the tour package " A Lampreia e as Pesqueiras do rio Minho", during the Minho River Fishermen's Festival. The circuit "Lampreia e as Pesqueiras do rio Minho", is an initiative in collaboration with the fishermen, the Captaincy of the Port of Caminha and the Municipality of Melgaço, and arose with the purpose of preserving and disseminating the fishing areas of the Minho River, as well as the fishing art developed there, which was passed on from generation to generation