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Discover Alvarinho Wines

Alvarinho wine is oneof the main tourist attractions in Melgaço. This region allows a distinct experience, where it is possible to discover the geography and history in every curve, vine, and granite window. 

Here it is possible to taste Alvarinho wine, of unique quality and personality, the result of excellent natural conditions and the work of the local people who strive daily for the excellence of the wine.

It is at the table that Melgaço wines reveal the best they have to offer. With enormous versatility, they are suitable for various dishes and delicacies, such as lamprey, oven-roasted kid, “cabidela”, “rojões” or cod. Try it!

A unique terroir in the world

Coming from a unique variety endemic to the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula.

The microclimate of the Monção and Melgaço sub-region, with cold, rainy winters and dry, mild summers, without the influence of the sea, protects the aromas and flavor of the wine, something that does not happen in any neighboring region. The single-varietal wine of the Alvarinho has unique characteristics: it is a wine with an intense color, light and fresh palate, citrus color and delicate aroma.

Result of unique traditions

Tradition dating back to the second half of the 1st century BC.

There are several archaeological data (vinary amphorae for the transport of wine) that demonstrate that que o wine was an integral part of the diet of the castreja communities that inhabited the region. 

The culture of the vine lived, over the centuries,, side by side with other agricultural acrops, as a result of the subsistence economy that prevailed at the time. Nowadays, Melgaço isentirely dedicated to the cultivation of the Alvarinho variety, and the income from its production is an important part of the annual income of the resident population.

Travel through history, discover and be delighted

Discover Melgaço and the entire winemaking history of the region by traveling the Rota do Alvarinho

In Melgaço you will find accommodation, restaurants and tourist entertainment that work with enotourismo and provide a unique experience.

Every year Melgaço toasts to life in what is its main gastronomic event – the Festa do Alvarinho e do Fumeiro. This is an event full of activities, where you can combine o good wine, excellent local cuisine,the practice of radical activities and the contemplation of unique landscapes

Discover Melgaço, let yourself be surprised!


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