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Discover Gastronomy

Discover Gastronomy

Smoked delicacies

Secrets passed down from generation to generation

Melgaço smoked delicacies have an important role in the agricultural, gastronomic and cultural development of the region. Prepared and cured under natural conditions resulting from its geographical location, it maintains a connection to artisanal manufacturing, the rural family, and a rich past of histories and tradition that give the product characteristics of exquisite and irresistible flavor.

It is the set of these factors (human and natural) that gives Melgaço smoked delicacies the distinctive characteristics that allowed it to qualify as PGI four products (ham, salpicão, meat sausage, and blood sausage).

Minho river lamprey

The winter queen

One of the most emblematic species of the Minho River fauna is the lamprey. It is “the queen of winter” and can be tasted between February and April. Made in different ways, the most traditional is dried lamprey, fried with egg, grilled or stuffed; with rice or Bordeaux mixture.

Nowadays, they are fished in traditional fisheries, which keep an ancient treasure made of stones transformed into artisanal fishing buildings, which are part of the landscape heritage and testify to ancestral knowledge.

Goat cheeses

Happy goats

Zen goat cheese? It exists, and it is produced in Melgaço! The 500 goats listen to oriental-inspired music and are massaged by a non-stop rotating brush-relaxation encourages milk production. This experience allows you to understand the milking process, contact the goats, and visit the dairy with cheese tastings.
A project by a young couple from Melgac who decided to return to their origins.


The ecosystem queens

Bees play a decisive role in maintaining biodiversity and ecosystems.
Their work combined with the floristic richness of our landscapes, results in a honey of exceptional quality. Here you can learn about a pioneering project in the country that is based on a particular species of bee, Buckfast, which, in addition to being excellent honey producers, are docile. The apiary installed in Virtelo, in the parish of Cousso, has 110 colonies inhabited by this species.
This experience must not be missed!


From plants grown in a special microclimate

Melgaço defends the concept of sustainable production and, therefore, favors plant infusions that prove to be tasty and healthy. Visit the organic garden and taste the infusions combined with local products.

Regional sweets

Sweet flavors from land products

Bucho Doce is one of the examples, a recipe that keeps the customs and traditions of Melgaço alive. Today, the recipe for this regional sweet, whose shape is similar to bread, is recreated using linen cloths, being appreciated and savored with various toppings – from honey to jams – or simply.
You can accompany it with a delicious liqueur produced locally.

Roasted kid in oven

Straight from pasture to plate

In these mountains, the herds of wild goats, well guarded by the faithful Castro Laboreiro dog, give rise to another gastronomic icon, the Roasted Kid in the Oven. Always on the table of the people of Melgaço, enjoy this delicacy with the Melgaço sparkling wine.


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