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Space Memory and Border

Dedicated to the preservation of the county’s recent history, with an emphasis on emigration and smuggling, this space takes the visitor through the corners of history.

Walking through its rooms, we enter the world of illegal emigration from the 60s and 70s, knowing all the moments, from the causes, the preparation of the trip and the trip itself, until the arrival and experience in the host country. A remarkable social portrait of the hundreds of children from the region that Melgaço saw leaving, not neglecting the reflexes of this emigration in the county. The space also has a serviced office for emigrants and immigrants. A museum of emotions made up of memories.

Rua Loja Nova, 4960-558 Melgaço
Ph.: +351 251 418 106 ; E.:
Winter opening times - outubro-março
9:30 am / 1 pm - 2 pm / 5 pm
Summer opening times - abril-setembro
9:30 am / 1 pm - 2 pm / 6 pm
December 24, 25, 31 and January 1st. Every Monday and Easter Sunday.
Single ticket: 2€ ; Melgaço Museums: 5€ – (valid for six months) includes: The Observation Tower museum and The Archeological Ruins, Museum Center of Castro Laboreiro, the Cinema Museum and the Space- Memory and Border.