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“Without sustainability there is no work” – Know 3 sustainability tips for companies

Nowadays, companies assume a fundamental role for sustainability in its several dimensions: economic, social, cultural and environmental.

Thus, the development of its strategy based on the fundamental pillar of sustainability can lead to numerous advantages, internal or external. Above all, the development of a positive image, which is increasingly valued by consumers.

Throughout this article, we propose some of the good practices that can be adopted for companies from several sectors.

Use water efficiently and rationally

Water is a fundamental element for the existence of life and increasingly requires efficient use.

Therefore, consuming water from the public network, monitoring and analysing the respective consumption, combating waste, is a way of minimizing negative impacts on the environment and, of course, reducing company expenses.

Installing water flow reducers on taps and rainwater recycling systems are measures that can be adopted as a way to contribute to a more sustainable management of water resources.

Make more use of digital format

Receipts, letters, menus and portfolios are all elements that contribute to the massive production of paper and in turn to the daily cutting down of trees on a large scale.

There are alternatives to be explored to reduce paper production, one of them is the replacement of physical elements by digital ones, for example, letters, invoices and among others, can be sent in digital format to the electronic post office. Restaurant menus and company portfolios can be produced in this format and viewed on smartphones by reading QR codes.

What about traditional contact cards? Do you still use them? Know that there are dozens of applications that already facilitate the exchange of contacts between professionals and eliminate the need to always carry cards to distribute.

In this way, a different and more interactive dynamic is created, leading to a potential reduction in paper production and, in turn, better management of waste accumulated in companies.

In the end, don’t forget… Whathever you can’t reduce, at least recycle, giving it the appropriate destination.

Get involved in environmental conservation projects

There is an increasing number of companies joining environmental preservation projects to make the planet more habitable.

Companies operating in natural environments, such as Melgaço, can use these initiatives to involve their own customers in preservation actions. These are activities, increasingly, that visitors appreciate, especially when they are in protected nature destinations, such as the Peneda-Gerês National Park.

From another perspective, it is also a great way to develop bonds between employees, meanwhile increasing their personal satisfaction by contributing to the environmental preservation of the destination where they work and live.

It has been proven that sustainability is a crucial issue for companies, since they have a preponderant role in the increase of measures aimed at optimising the environment and, undoubtedly, a way of differentiating themselves in their markets they operate.