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The Observation Tower museum and The Archeological Ruins

Installed in the Castle Keep, in the heart of the Historic Area, this Center was created to enhance the Tower in itself, but also to make known the architectural, historical, and cultural heritage of Melgaço.

The interior exhibition focuses on the architectural and archaeological heritage, from Prehistory to the Contemporary Age.
Associated with this Center are the Ruins, located in Praça da República, where you can observe and interpret part of the county’s medieval history. The space consists of a medieval moat, through which one circulates, and sidewalks from different periods, and other pieces found during excavations can still be observed, such as a catapult projectile and several throwing stones.

Praça da República – in Melgaço
T.: +351 251 410 191 ; E.:
Winter time - october-march
9:30 am / 13 pm ; 2 pm / 5 pm
Summer time - april-september
9:30 am / 13 pm ; 2 pm / 6 pm
December 24th, 25th and 31st and January 1st. Every Monday and Easter Sunday.
Single ticket: 2€ ; Melgaço Museums: 5€ – (valid for 6 months) includes: The Observation Tower museum and The Archeological Ruins, Museum Center of Castro Laboreiro, the Cinema Museum and the Space- Memory and Border.