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Community Oven of Pontes

The Community Oven is located in the village of Pontes, about 6 km south of the town of Castro Laboreiro and 1 km from the Spanish border.

Aldeia de Pontes is an inverneira, located in a more protected area of the valley, and served as a temporary residence for the inhabitants in the coldest months of the year. Currently, the village is being recovered for rural tourism and its picturesque appearance calls for a visit.

The Community Oven of Pontes, embedded in the granite outcrop, was used by the villagers to bake not only rye and wheat bread but also bread rolls.

Lugar de Pontes, Melgaço
Castro Laboreiro on the CM1160 towards Ribeiro de Baixo, Ameijoeira (border with Spain), Lugar de Pontes.
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