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Sustainability is an increasingly present issue of great importance for everyone's future, and tourism businesses are not indifferent to this subject which requires the participation of both parties. Throughout this article, we provide you with some sustainability tips. 1. Donation of surplus food The preparation of meals in restaurants and hotels often result in surpluses that cannot be reused for the following days. The donation of these products/meals to charities is a good practice to be adopted. In the case of bakeries, the bread

Nowadays, companies assume a fundamental role for sustainability in its several dimensions: economic, social, cultural and environmental. Thus, the development of its strategy based on the fundamental pillar of sustainability can lead to numerous advantages, internal or external. Above all, the development of a positive image, which is increasingly valued by consumers. Throughout this article, we propose some of the good practices that can be adopted for companies from several sectors. Use water efficiently and rationally Water is a fundamental element for the existence

Owning a house implies responsibility, but ensuring its sustainability is an act that ensures the well-being of the planet we live on and can greatly reduce the monthly expenses of the family budget. In this article, we will provide you with 3 tips that can make your house more efficient and sustainable. Improve your house's isolation Improving thermal insulation is a way of contributing to the comfort of your home's interior and, in turn, of lowering the price of your electricity bill. Thus,

"Education begins at home" is a sentence that stays with us as we grow up and conditions our behaviour in the environment we live in. New ways of practicing sustainability also come from home. After all, the house we inhabit is a reflection of our identity and our behaviour towards society. Read the article to learn about valuable sustainability practices we can implement in our homes. 1. Replace paper napkins with reusable cloths The massive destruction of forest ecosystems is a current reality on

Located in the north of the country, Melgaço is the most radical nature destination in Portugal & a sustainable destination certified by EarthCheck. Melgaço is a must-visit destination for wine lovers, which combines many wine and nature tourism activities. The Alvarinho wine, from Monção and Melgaço region, is recognized as one of the world’s best white wines. An exclusive experience that combines a wonderful local cuisine, and create remarkable moments for those who visit us, no matter the season of the

Practising a responsible and sustainable tourism is the way to balance the economic, environmental, social and cultural aspects of any tourist destination. Melgaço is not indifferent to this action It is up to all of us to be the main characters of this movement through conscious actions translated into wise decisions that contribute to the sustainable balance of each territory. In this article, we share 3 sustainability tips to adopt in Melgaço whenever you visit our destination! 1. Buy locally and enjoy our