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Walking Trails

in the most extreme destination in Portugal

Percursos Pedestres?

Com paisagens de cortar a respiração, os percursos pedestres permitem explorar os trilhos e caminhos e percorrer os melhores recantos das aldeias que continuam vivas.

If you want to experience the true essence of Melgaço, go for a walk! Contemplate the landscapes, get closer to the people and local customs and observe the best of nature. In Serra da Peneda, in the Planalto de Castro Laboreiro and in the surrounding mountains, there is no lack of paths to tread.
Who can practice?

There are marked trails with different levels of difficulty and length, so even those who don’t enjoy long walks can choose a shorter tour.

What’s the point?

Know the territory in detail. The more fearless can venture on the Castro Laboreiro trail, getting to know the villages (from Brandas to Inverneiras), the millenary legacy and even the Alvarinho oak forests, which take us through streams and historic bridges.

What equipment is used in this activity?

There is no special equipment. Comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended.

Advantages of doing this activity in Melgaço?

Melgaço allows you to go through several walking routes, with a wide range of paths and even an ecovia.
Consult the Municipal Pedestrian Routes Network

Mais informações

Todo o ano.
Para quem?
Adultos e crianças (+6 anos)
Existem trilhos em todo o território, da zona ribeirinha à zona de montanha
Para mais informações:
Porta do PNPG Lamas de Mouro // Loja Interativa de Turismo